Orders placed here are only for Karachi. We deliver full cakes to Karachi only. We deliver within 2 working days.
  • Cake Pop (Bundle of 6)

    Soft and fudgy cake pops in 2 spooky designs – Pumpkin and Ghost!

  • Checkerboard cookies

    Delicious cheqerboard shortbread biscuits perfect for tea time!

  • Chocolate Animals (For kids)

    A perfect snack for kids! Crunchy yummy animal shaped biscuits covered in delicious Lals chocolate.

  • Classic Gold 12pc

    This classic gold box makes a perfect gift for any occasion – fill it up with decadent Lals chocolates and send it to loved ones all across Pakistan. Be…

  • Festive Leather Hamper

    Make your celebrations sensational with our Festive Leather Hamper overflowing with all our favorite sweet treats✨✨

    Leather hamper includes:-
    Brush strokes box (9pcs Classic chocolates)
    Strawberry Jam (100 gms)
    Assorted Macarons (4pcs)
    Honey Roasted…

  • Grand Gestures hamper

    Send greetings in a grand way and make your loved ones smile. Our Grand Gesture hamper has all of our best selling chocolates and treats and is guaranteed to…

  • Halloween Meringues

    Orange, purple and green meringues that are light & perfect for Halloween fiestas!

  • Halloween Sugar cookies (Bundle of 4)

    Crispy halloween shortbread cookies in 4 spooky designs – Frankensteien, Mummy, Pumpkin and BoOoOO!

  • Savoury Puffs

    Salty savory puffs that can be enjoyed as a tea time snack anywhere, anytime.

  • Signature Gold hamper

    Send greetings to all your favorite people with this keepsake gold hamper brimming with decadent chocolates and assorted treats. Be it a graduation gift, wedding gift, get well soon…

  • Starry cupakes (Box of 4)

    Delicious chocolate cupcakes topped with chocolate icing and fondant starts – perfect for your Halloween get-togethers!

  • Starry cupakes (Box of 6)

    Delicious chocolate cupcakes topped with chocolate icing and fondant starts – perfect for your halloween get-togethers!

  • Sugar Free Cookies

    Delicious Sugar free shortbread biscuits perfect for tea time! Perfect for diabetics and health conscious people.

  • Sugar Free Hamper

    The ideal gift for all health conscious and diabetics out there – this hamper contains all sugar free goodies so they can enjoy the treats guilt free. Sugar Free…

  • Sugar free hamper

    The ideal gift for all health conscious and diabetics out there – this hamper contains all sugar free goodies so they can enjoy the treats guilt free. Order now…

  • Teal Bloom 9pc

    Introducing Teal bloom; a 9pc keepsake box with a flowery pattern in teal, gold and red! Fill it up with decadent Lals chocolates and send it to loved ones…

  • Toile Hamper

    Send ultra modern greetings to loved ones in Pakistan for all and any occasions. Our Black toile hamper filled with decadent chocolates and assorted treats makes a perfect gift….

  • Trail Mix

    Our take on this incredibly popular snack! It’s flavorful, filling and easy to carry. This trail mix contains almonds, pistachio, coconut, sunflower seeds, cashews, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, peanuts and…

  • Brush Strokes (9pc)

    Our all new Brush strokes makes for a striking gift with its vibrant teal and red shades. Fill the box with delicious classics or chocolate bon bons and send…

  • Chocolaty Snackable Hamper

    Send this delicious gift hamper to all your loved ones who you can’t meet this year! This hamper is filled with delicious hand moulded chocolate bon bons, chocolate biscotti,…

  • Conscious Mum Tote

    We all know Mums love reusable bags and this ultra-chic Lals tote will become her favorite! Tucked inside this reusable Lals tote, she’ll find chocolates, biscuits & macarons to…

  • Conscious Tote

    Send chic, sweet and environmentally friendly greetings to loved ones and make them smile. Our conscious tote is filled with delicious chocolates and our favorite gourmet treats and comes…

  • Floral Layered Cake

    Floral layered cakes are all the rage! Our layered cake topped with edible flowers has a biscuit base with fresh cream piped in the layers. It’s as delicious as…

  • Gold hamper with Mandala 9pc

    Surprise loved ones with this gorgeous hamper from anywhere in the world – sending gifts to your family and friends has never been easier. This hamper contains decadent Lals…

  • Lemon Cake

    This Lemon cake is so moist & tender with a lemony buttercream frosting – perfect to gift loved ones. The layers of rich and velvety lemon cake in this…

  • Signature Hamper with Tropique 12pc

    Our gorgeous signature hamper will make them smile – even if you are far away. This hamper is tied with a pretty ribbon and is brimming with our most…

  • Sweet Celebrations hamper

    Your family’s party will get even brighter with our celebration hamper – a gorgeous keepsake leather basket that can be used for storage later! It’s filled with a lot…

  • Toffee Almond Cake (Gluten Free)

    Fam allergic to gluten? Don’t worry, we got you! This almond toffee cake features fluffy vanilla layers, a toffee crunch filling and a nutty chocolate frosting! Gift it to…

  • ‘It’s a BOY’ Hamper

    Celebrate the pitter-patter of tiny feet with our ‘It’s a boy’ hamper – perfect for saying congratulations, while providing some well-deserved treats for the new parents too.
    ‘It’s a Boy’…

  • Almond Biscotti

    These crispy almond biscotti are packed with flavor and perfect for dunking into tea or coffee.

  • Assorted French Macarons (Box of 4)

    Our light and airy French Macarons are hand made by our Chocolatier Lal Majid. These delicate meringue sandwich cookies are available in a wide variety of unique flavors and…

  • Assorted French Macarons (Box of 8)

    Hand made by our Chocolatier Lal Majid, our French Macarons are available in a wide variety of unique flavors and fillings.

  • Baby Elephant (4pc)

    Share news of your bundle of joy with your family and friends by sending them premium Lals Chocolates in a keepsake box with the cutest elephant illustrations. Also, this…

  • Blue balloons (4pc)

    Your sister or BFF had a baby and you are too far away? Don’t fret! Send this cute chocolate box their way filled with the most rich Lals Chocolates…

  • Butter Cookies

    A delicious assortment of biscuits perfect for tea time!

  • Butterfly heart (9pc)

    If you haven’t been able to meet your BFF, family or significant other – don’t fret. Make their heart flutter with this gorgeous red keepsake box with gold foil…

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